Interest on Capital, Journal entry for Interest on capital (All Details)

Interest on Capital— Interest is typically allowed on capitals of the partner Interest on capital of partners is calculated for the relevant duration for which the quantity of capital has actually been utilized in business. Usually, it is charged for complete year on the balance of capital at the start of the year unless some fresh capital is presented during the year. On the additional capital presented, interest for the relevant period of utilisation is calculated

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Interest on Capital

As a general guideline, interest on capital subscribed by partners is not enabled unless there is an agreement or usage to that effect. The principle underlying this arrangement of law is that relates to the capital brought by a partner in the business, he is not a financial institution of the firm but an adventure.

In case of set capital accounts, interest is calculated on the balance of capital accounts just and no interest is payable/ chargeable on the balance of current accounts.

Topic to contract between the partners, interest-on capitals is to be provided out of earnings just. Thus in case of loss, no interest is offered. In case of insufficient revenues( i.e., net revenue less than the quantity of interest on capital), the amount of revenue is dispersed in the ratio of capital as partners get revenue by method of interest-on capital just

For example, before charging interest on capital an organization made for one year a net earnings of 4000 and the capital at the beginning of the year was10000 The real company revenue that is, the revenue after charging normal interest on capital would be3200

Journal entry for Interest on capital

To permit interest on capital

interest on Capital– Debit 800

Capital Account — Credit 800

Closing Entry to transfer Interest on capital to P & L Account.

The interest on capital will be shown on the debit or cost side of the profit and loss account.

Revenue & Loss A/c— Debit 800

To Interest on capital– Credit 800

Interest on capital on balance sheet.

Interest on-capital is not a balance sheet item, but the interest is added to the capital of the partners or proprietor For this reason the overall of capital increased with the quantity of interest. according to our example capital would end up being10800 and revealed on the liability side of balance sheet.


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