IPO (Initial public offer) – Commonly used terminology (All Details)


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IPO (Initial public deal): It is the procedure of using securities– typically common stock– of an independently owned business for sale to the general public. The first time these securities are offered is referred to as an initial public offering, or IPO.

1. Abridged prospectus

Abridged prospectus is a shorter variation of the last prospectus.

The function of abridged prospectus is to avoid the voluminous prospectus at the time of concern of applications for shares. It needs to disclose all the ‘information’ which is product and suitable to allow the investors to make informed choices.

2. Add-on Deal:

When a business which is currently publicly traded deals extra shares to the marketplace then such offer is called as add-on deal. Such offers are made when the business intends to fund its existing projects or to carry out brand-new projects. Add-on deals lead to dilution of existing share holding making the share rate boil down.

3. After market report:

After market report is the summary report describing how the shares of an initial public offer (IPO) have actually carried out soon after being presented on to the secondary market. After the initial public is over, the investors would trade their shares on the secondary market such as NSE, BSE etc. Usually, after market report contains the concern rate paid by the investors and the changes took place therein when it relocated to the secondary trading platforms.

4. IPO Grey Market:

It’s an over the counter market where the dealers offer the orders for preferred consumers. Grey market is likewise called as parallel market.

5. Grey Market premium (GMP):

It is the price at which the IPO shares are sold the grey market. Based upon the need and supply for the shares, grey market value could be favorable or unfavorable.

Example: Issue rate of VRP ltd’s share = Rs 100 & Grey market (purchasers) premium = Rs 50 Which means that the buyers are willing to pay a premium of Rs 50 in addition to the Rs 100 to buy the share in grey market (i.e. at Rs 150)

6. Kostak rate:

It is the premium at which IPO applications are sold grey market. It is the quantity one would get by offering his IPO application to another person prior to the allotment or listing of the shares.

7. Book developing Concern:

In case of book building problem, the price of each share is not repaired at the outset. The offer document specifies a rate variety with lower rate and upper cost. The last issue price of these shares is identified by the demand for the problem from prospective financiers.

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