Jio Free Mobile Phone with Unlimited Data, Free With Rs. 1500 Deposit

Jio Free Mobile Phone with Unlimited Data, Free With Rs. 1500 Deposit. Jio Launches Free Phone Deposit. Rs.1500 Jio 4G phone will get refundable deposit, calling always free. In a way, users will get the phone free. They have to deposit the security money of Rs 1500, which will be returned later. Mukesh Ambani said in Reliance’s AGM- Jio is going to convert conventional feature phone to a great device. This is Indians, For Indians.

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Jio Free Mobile Phone

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Jio Free Mobile Phone, Jio Mobile

Reliance launched the country’s first ‘Intelligent’ 4G Feature Phone on Friday. Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani (60) said that Jio will have the effective pricing of this phone ‘Zero’. They will get this phone by giving Rs 1500 in such a way, but the deposit will be refundable after three years. Lifetime calling free will be available through this phone. Money-laundering offers will be available for data usage of Rs 153 / month. This feature phone was told by Jio director Isha and Akash Ambani “Intelligent” because it will work on voice commands. There will be an emergency button. Through this you will be able to listen to music. You will be able to watch TV. Secure payments can also be done. This phone will start from August 15, booking from August 24 and September delivery. Ambani announced the launch of the phone in the 40th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the group in Mumbai. Know the highlights of their speech.

  1. “Jio is the fastest growing company of the world. 125 million customers. “
  2. “Jio made India the world’s largest country in terms of data composition. We went beyond the US and China. “
  3. “Jio will make its 4G coverage bigger than 2G coverage in the next 12 months. We will reach 99% Indians. “
  4. “We have launched the Jio feature phone, which is the cheapest 4G phone.”
  5. “Jio will give free voice calls to our 500 million feature phone users through their new phone. In 153 we will give them unlimited data. “

Feature phone: Ambani said – it surprised me

  • Mukesh Ambani said, “There are 78 million mobile phones in India. Of these, more than 50 million feature phone users are They can not afford the data charge and the cost of the smartphone. Jio wants to end this problem. “
  • “I asked Jio’s young engineers to remove the Indian Solution. He solved the solution, he surprised me. Today Jio is going to convert Conventional feature phones into a great device. This is Indians, For Indians. Ladies and Gentlemen! I am introducing India’s Intelligent Jio phone in front of you. “

Isha and Akash Ambani reported phone features

  • To tell the intelligent features of the feature phone, Mukesh Ambani invited daughter Isha, son Akash and Kiran Thomas on stage. Isha (25) and Akash (25) are directors of Jio. At the same time, Thomas is Assistant Vice President at Reliance Industries.
  • The three said – “This feature will be friendly to use the 4G phone. It will be the cheapest 100% 4G LTE phone in the whole world. This language is launching on a theme of several, India, which will support 22 languages. It will call the voice command, message it. If you ask some questions through voice command, then it will give a search result. In this, applications like Jio Music, Jio Cinema are pre-loaded. From the first day, there will be a facility of secured payment.
  • Isha, Akash, Kiran has shown the phone call, messaging, search and music and movie trailers through voice commands from this 4G phone at the live event. All of them have also played the talk of Modi’s mind.

Emergency buttons will also come

Isha Ambani said, “The phone number 5 button will be an emergency button. When pressing it, it will put a distraction call. This will send a message to your closest person that you are in the emergency. It will also tell your location. We will soon add local police to this feature. “

How much will the tariff?

  • Mukesh Ambani again came to the stage. They tell the tariffs of the Jio feature phone Said – Voice will always be free in Jio phone. 500 million feature phone users do not have internet access I believe every young Indian must have information access today. Since August 15 this year, we want to provide digital freedoms to feature phone users. Jio will give them unlimited data access.
  • He said that if the data expenditure of 4000 rupees per month is spent on 2G data rate, then he will have to spend 153 rupees only on Jio’s feature phone for the same usage. This is just 3 percent of the existing 2G tariffs of many companies. Our engineers have launched a Jio phone TV cable. This will connect the phone to any smart TV or old TV.
  • “We have made free voice calls for 50 million feature phone users. He will give unlimited data to Rs 153. TV will also feature feature phones. 24 days for 2 days and 53 rupees for one week and more unlimited services will be available. Entry level 4G phone is also 3-4 thousand rupees. Our phone will be available in 0 rupees. One time securities will be Rs 1500. After 36 months the amount will also be fully refundable. “

What did Ambani talk about the achievements of Jio?

  • Targate completed in -170 days: Ambani said – Jio’s one-year journey has been fantastic. Our team completed the target of 100 million customers in 170 days. Jio made the world record in 10 months 7 customer pairs every second. It’s faster than Facebook, Whatsapp and Skype. I thank all of you with my heart. I am also grateful to the Prime Minister’s Digital India Campaign.
  •  We left the world behind: Ambani said – In just six months, data consolidation increased from 20 million GB / month to 100 million GB / month. Now Jio customers are converting 125 million GB / month every month. Jio has become the largest video network. India has left USA and China in Dota Uses. India was at number 150. After Jio, India has reached number one on data conjugation. I think India will also be number one in the broadband issue.
  • Prosecutions were proved wrong: “People used to say that the Consumers will not go free from the pad. But we proved this wrong. Today Jio has more than 100 million paying customers. Jio Prime Members will continue to benefit. “
  • 4G Network Leader: “Jio has given connectivity. In five months, TRAI’s Speed ​​Test Portal has described us as a 4G network leader in coverage, usage and data connectivity. Our network is growing steadily. Jio will reach 99% of the population in the next 12 months. In developing 2G network for 25 years, it took the comptuitors Jio has created the country’s largest 4G network in 3 years In the next one year, we will make 10 thousand Jio offices across the country. “

What about Reliance Industries Ambani?

  • Mukesh Ambani said – In the case of scale, size and service, we are at the forefront. Starting with a textile company, we are in front of you as a large group. In our 40 years, our income, profit and market capitalization all have increased thousands of times. In 1977, the shareholder who made an investment of Rs 1000 in Reliance today has a capital of 16 lakhs 54 thousand. That is 1600 times more.
  • He said that Reliance Industries has become the highest paying company in the private sector by paying an income tax of 8800 crores. Reliance Turnover was Rs 70 crores in 1977. Today, it has increased to 3.3 lakh crore rupees. It increased 4700 times.
  • Net profits increased from Rs. 3 crore to 30 thousand crore rupees. It increased 10 thousand times. Market cap has also increased from Rs 10 crore to Rs 5 lakh crore today. In 1977 we had 3500 insolvences. Today there are 2.5 lakh people.

Launch Jio Cable TV

Reliance also launched the cable TV device (Jio Cable TV). For this, the company has kept the plan for 309 rupees a month. According to media reports, the feature of this device is that it will be connected by connecting to the Jio phone. This means that the user will be able to use it by connecting their Jio phone to the TV.

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