Section 124 of GST – Fine for failure to furnish statistics

Section 124 of GST– Fine for failure to furnish data. In this GST Section you might discover all details for Fine for failure to provide statistics according to GST Act 2017 Detailed Analysis of GST Section 124 of GST Act 2017.

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Section 124 of GST– Fine for failure to provide data

Statutory arrangement

If any person required to provide any info or return under section 151,–

  • ( a) without sensible cause fails to furnish such details or return as might be needed under that section, or
  • ( b) wilfully furnishes or causes to furnish any info or return which he understands to be false,

he shall be punishable with a fine which may extend to ten thousand rupees and in case of a continuing offense to a further fine which may encompass one hundred rupees for each day after the very first day throughout which the offense continues based on a maximum limitation of twenty-five thousand rupees.

Analysis and Updates


This section offers chastening repercussions for failure to furnish details or return as needed under section 151 relating to collection of stats.


The area defines charge for failure to provide details or return in two circumstances viz.

( a) fails to furnish info or return without sensible cause; and
( b) furnishing incorrect information wilfully.

The charge defined is of as much as ‘10,000/- and where the offense is continuing an additional fine of up to ‘100/- each day topic to optimum of ‘25,000/- under the respective Act.

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