Section 44AE of the Income Tax Act 1961 – Complete details

Area 44 AE of the Earnings Tax Act 1961: this post is about the relaxation supplied to the heavy goods carriage owner having the heavy products transportation of the goods under area 44 AE of the Income Tax Act. This relaxation was provided to the transportation automobile owner due to the fact that they were doing routinely strikes throughout the country for the relaxation to be given to them as they form important part of the economy of the country.

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Area 44 AE and the Section 44 AD are the areas where the presumptive basis to the businesses. Section 44 AE handles the dealerships which has the business of plying or leasing of goods carriage where as Section 44 ADVERTISEMENT deals with the presumptive of the other Organizations.

What is precisely everything about Area 44 AE?

Section 44 AE: Assessee covered u/s 44 AE & divulging lower earnings than considered revenues, will be needed to keep and maintain such books of account u/s 44 AA & get them audited and furnish a report of such audit as needed u/s 44 AB

A taxpayer who has trucks or any heavy automobiles not more than 10 vehicles than such taxpayer who is taken part in the business of plying, working with, or the leasing of the heavy cars than such taxpayer can assume his income to be Rs 7500 per automobile monthly and file his I.T return. Previously this quantity was Rs 5000 and Rs 4500, from Spending Plan 2014, it has actually been altered to the above stated amount.

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This relaxation is offered to any assesse, i.e. he might be private, business, HUF, Partnership Firm, etc. From the considered earnings of Rs. 7500 there would not be any reductions including the depreciation of the same and would be deemed to the net income of the tax payer. In case of Collaboration Firm, the expenditure related to the remuneration to the partners would be able to declare the deduction therefore this might be advantageous to the taxpayer who is partnership company.

The worth of the assets to be shown by the taxpayer would be deemed as such as they have been permitted the reduction of the depreciation and such lowered quantity would be revealed under the head of the properties. This area is especially for the owner of the goods carriage vehicles and not for the ones who are taking the vehicles on hire or taking on the lease the vehicles.

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If the transportation owner reveals the PAN card to the person to whom he is providing services therefore required to take payment from such person than such person would not require to deduct TDS as he has actually shown the PAN and hence not required to deduct the TDS.

In case of the transportation firm, the maximum cash limit to be paid to the other person is limited to Rs 20000 in normal circumstances while in this situation any payment made by the transport company to the other celebration than this limitation would be Rs 35000 which is quite beneficial to the transportation company as there payments are mainly paid in money only.

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It is to be noted that the reduction related to the expenses would be disallowed rather the exemptions associated with the reductions under area 80 C to 80 U would be allowed as usual just.

If the assesse wish to show the lower income than the prescribed earnings under section than the tax payer requires to maintain such books of account regardless of the turnover or the inventory or purchases than such tax payer would also need to get the books of the account investigated.

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