Top 20 Richest Athlete in the World With There Net Worth

Top 20 Richest Athlete in the World: Athletes are on top of their game for quite some type, but they not only are good in their respective sports, but they earn huge amounts of money too. 

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There is a huge amount of money in sports, and those athletes who managed to overcome all difficulty becomes a legend. Top 20 Richest Actors in the World

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Top 20 Richest Athlete in the World

In this article, we will tell you about the 20 richest athletes which the world is currently seeing. We will tell you about their net worth and in which sport they are. All the data here is taken from Forbes’s list of the richest athlete. These are the richest athlete of 2024:

1. Vince McMahon

Net worth: $2.2 billion 

Vince McMahon is the CEO of WWE, and he himself is a retired professional wrestler. He is an American, and in terms of sport, he is the wealthiest one. 

Vince McMahon Net Worth

2. Ion Tiriac

Net worth: $2 billion

Ion Tiriac is a retired tennis and ice hockey player. He is a Romanian and very few to have played two sports professionally. He owns a tennis tournament, Mutua Madrid Open. 

Ion Tiriac Net Worth

3. Michael Jordan

Net worth: $1.9 billion 

Michael Jordan once was a professional basketball player of America who has made the NBA popular all by himself. He was the first billionaire basketball player, and now after retirement, he became a businessman. He is the co-founder of ‘Jordan,’ the world’s costliest shoe brand. He has an NBA team under his ownership named Charlotte Hornets.

Michael Jordan Net Worth

4. Tiger Woods

Net worth: $800 million

Well, Tiger Woods is undoubtedly one the finest golf player the world has ever seen. He always topped the list of highest-paid athletes, which is done by Forbes annually.

Tiger Woods Net Worth

5. Michael Schumacher

Net worth: $600 million

Michael Schumacher is a former Formula One racer of Germany. He is undoubtedly one of the best Formula One racers which the world has ever seen. He has won the most no of Formula One championship than any other. 

Michael Schumacher Net Worth
Michael Schumacher Net Worth

6. Magic Johnson

Net worth: $600 million

Magic Johnson is a retired basketball player who has played 13 seasons for LA Lakers, winning multiple awards and accolades. After retirement, he is dealing with LA Lakers as their president.

Magic Johnson Net Worth
Magic Johnson Net Worth

7. Roger Staubach

Net worth: $600 million

Roger Staubach is a former American football quarterback in NFL. He has played 11 seasons for Dallas Cowboys, where he has acquired huge success and popularity. 

Roger Staubach Net Worth

8. Floyd Mayweather

Net worth: $565 million

Floyd Mayweather was an unbelievable boxer. He was the most fearsome and hardcore fighters which the game has ever witnessed. He was retired way back in 2015, but he came back in the ring for a one on one fight with Conor McGregor, which he has won convincingly.

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

9. Kobe Bryant

Net worth: $500 million

Kobe Bryant was a former basketball player who has played for over 20 seasons with LA Lakers. He was a phenomenal player, but in 2024 he died with his daughter in an accident that made the entire world mourn.

Kobe Bryant Net Worth

10. LeBron James

Net worth: $480 million

LeBron James is a legend of basketball, and he is still playing the game like a boss. Though most of the athletes in this article have retired, he is still playing with all might. He plays in NBA for Cleveland Cavaliers.

LeBron James Net Worth

11. Eddie Jordan

Net worth: $475 million

Eddie was a professional Irish cart racer who later shifted to formula road. He has plenty of business; he is a musician as well as a television personality. 

Eddie Jordan Net Worth

12. Cristiano Ronaldo

Net worth: $460 million

Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional football player who has embraced the game with his brilliance. He is considered as one of the legends of football with several others. Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest goal scorer in football’s history. He even is the highest goal scorer for his national team, Portugal, and he is very close to being the highest goal scorer for an International Team. He is currently playing in Italy with Juventus. He is the legend of Real Madrid and Manchester United for whom he has played earlier.

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth

13. David Beckham

Net worth: $450 million

David Beckham was a former football player. He has played for England and has been an integral part of it. He was a star man of Manchester United, Milan, Real Madrid, and PSG. He is the owner of the club, LA Galaxy.

David Beckham Net Worth

14. Roger Federer

Net worth: $450 million

Roger Federer is a phenomenal tennis player of Switzerland. He is often termed as the legend of tennis. Even at this age, he is still playing the game, which is really a rare sight. He has won 20 GrandSlam in his career till now.

Roger Federer Net Worth

15. Bud Selig

Net worth: $400 million

Bud Selig is the founder of Milwaukee Brewers. He is the most important man in the American baseball game. He is serving as a commissioner of Major League Baseball

Bud Selig Net worth

16. Michael Buffer 

Net worth: $400 million

Michael Buffer is not a sportsman, but he is a Ring announcer of America who has been hugely involved in matches of WWE and many other boxing and wrestling match. He has created an unbelievable amount of wealth all by just announcing matches. 

Michael Buffer Net Worth

17. Shaquille O’Neal

Net worth: $400 million

Shaquille O’Neal was a former basketball player in NBA. He is currently busy as a sports analyst in NBA. He has a massive physique, a 7’1″ tall body, and a weight of more than 325 pounds. He was considered the tallest basketball player.

Shaquille O'Neal Net Worth

18. Lionel Messi

Net worth: $400 million

Lionel Messi is considered a magician in football. He is purely a God-gifted talent and a legend of this game. In terms of goals scored as an active player, he is second, just behind Cristiano Ronaldo. He plays for Argentina National Team and Barcelona FC. 

Lionel Messi Net Worth

19. Phil Mickelson

Net worth: $400 million

Phil plays Golf, and he is considered as one of the most successful players to have ever played the sport. He has won many milestones and awards till now. He has won many championship titles in the PGA tour. 

Phil Mickelson Net Worth

20. Vinnie Johnson

Net worth: $400 million

Vinnie Johnson was a former basketball player who has graced the game with his brilliance. He was a phenomenal player during his time, and that’s the reason because of which Detroit Pistons (the club he played for) has retired his jersey no #15 from the game.

Vinnie Johnson net Worth

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