Various Queries related to elected representative of ICAI

Different Queries related to chosen agent of ICAI. Hello There Buddies ICAI Issued New Clarifications on some commonly asked inquiries relating to elected agents of ICAI and the basic members of ICAI.

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The Council at its 345 th Fulfilling hung on 14 th-16 th August, 2015, while thinking about recommendations of Ethical Standards Board on the below pointed out problems, chose as under:–LRB- .

  • It is acceptable for the chosen representatives of the ICAI to reply to the general questions of members on email, discussing their particular designation( s) held in ICAI at present and/or in past together with their photo as signature of the email. Similarly, it is likewise allowable for the basic members to reply to the members’ queries on email, in addition to their photograph as signature of the email.
  • It is allowable for chosen agents of the ICAI, along with for the general members of the ICAI to put their picture on any electronic media to enable their easy identification. There is no modification with regard to the existing limitation on printing of pictures on official stationery like visiting cards, letterheads etc.
  • It is allowable for the elected representatives of the ICAI to either discuss their classification( s) in ICAI, as specified above or additionally to utilize their firm name/professional classification in communications sent out on emails. Nevertheless, the simultaneous use or reference of classification( s) of elected representative of ICAI and of the firm name/ expert designation, is not acceptable. Further, in case of mass e-mails sent either by the elected agents of ICAI or the basic members of ICAI, while using the firm name, the expression “chartered accountants” is not permissible.
  • The elected representatives of the ICAI may share decisions (with members/students) taken by the Council. Nevertheless, simple conversations, tape-recorded in any mode, e.g. verbatim or audio tapes etc., need to not be shared. It would be the responsibility of the representative sharing the decision to ensure the efficiency and correctness of the decision so shared.
  • It is acceptable for the chosen representatives of the ICAI along with for basic members to share the Institute’s events/Pictures/CA Logo and banners through SMS/ e-mails/ Websites, including the social networking websites, with members/students/non-members/ public. Nevertheless, the stand alone usage of image of the ICAI Emblem is not acceptable, other than where it incidentally forms part of the background while appearing on a picture/banner and so on
  • The approval granted under para 1 to the elected representatives of ICAI concerning use of the photo and reference of the past/ present designation( s) held in ICAI as well as the authorization to general members relating to use of pictures, shall reach the eventualities pointed out in para 5 also.

Note: For the purposes of this Announcement, the chosen agent( s) of ICAI shall imply and include the chosen members of the Central Council, chose members of the Regional Councils and of the Managing Committees of Branches of Regional Council.

The above decisions shall enter force with immediate effect.


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