Classification of Liabilities (Proposed amendments to IAS 1)

Direct Exposure Draft: Classification of Liabilities (Proposed modifications to IAS 1)– (20-02-2015).

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Direct exposure Draft released by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) for remark just. Discuss the Direct exposure Draft need to be gotten by May 10, 2015.

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has actually released this Exposure Draft of proposed modifications to IAS 1 Discussion of Financial Statements to address:

( a) replacing ‘discretion’ in paragraph 73 of the Requirement with ‘right’ to align it with the requirements of paragraph 69( d) of the Requirement;-LRB- .

( b) making it explicit in paragraphs 69( d) and 73 of the Standard that just rights in location at the reporting date need to affect this category of a liability; and

( c) deleting ‘unconditional’ from paragraph 69( d) of the Requirement so that ‘a genuine right’ is replaced by ‘a right’.

Invite to comment

ASB invites comments on the Exposure Draft from the general public. The downloadable variation of the draft is offered at:

Comments would be most helpful if they indicate the specific paragraph or group of paragraphs to which they relate, contain a clear reasoning and, where appropriate, supply a suggestion for alternative phrasing.

How to comment

Remarks must be sent using one of the following approaches:

1. Digitally: Click the below mentioned choice to send a comment letter or See at the following link (Preferred method):

2. Email: Remarks can be sent to: [email protected]

3. Postal:
Secretary, Accounting Standards Board,
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India,
ICAI Bhawan, Post Box No. 7100,
Indraprastha Marg,
New Delhi 110 002

Additional explanations on this direct exposure draft may be looked for by e-mail to [email protected]

Remarks are welcomed on the propositions in this Direct exposure Draft, particularly on the concerns set out in the Exposure Draft & c_id =-LRB- .

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