Jolene Blalock Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, and Details

Jolene Blalock Bio, Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, and Details. Born under the star sign of Pisces on 5th March 1975, in San Diego, California, Jolene Blalock is an American actress and model who is best known for her role in “Star Trek: Enterprise”, but has taken part in various other projects as well. As a matter of fact, her real name is Jolene, and her last name comes from the Scottish ‘Black Loch’, meaning Black Lake.

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Jolene Blalock: Childhood years

According to her own words, Jolene was a very lonesome child when she was young, despite the fact that she has three siblings, saying that she didn’t have any friends, and that reading was her favorite pastime. Apparently, she was always looking for ways on how to improve herself, even from such an early age, so she started acting in 6th grade, and of course her first acting steps took place in school plays. Her family briefly moved to Oklahoma, but after a few years returned to California, where Jolene spent the major part of her childhood.

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Marriage and kids

As of 2003, Jolene is a married woman, and her husband’s name is Michael Rapino, a music executive, and the CEO of Live Nation. Their proposal and subsequent marriage did not follow the stereotypical patterns, since Jolene was the one who proposed to him, and organized the wedding ceremony in Jamaica. The couple resides in Los Angeles, California, and they now have three sons– Rexton, Ryder and Rivers.

Before marrying to Michael, Jolene was involved in relatively short romantic relationships with actor and musician Edward Furlong, and musician Steve Summers.

Jolene Blalock: Modeling career

Jolene was a very ambitious young woman, and she left home when she was 17 to pursue her dream– a modeling career. She went to Asia and Europe in search of modeling gigs, and over the years managed to land a couple of high-profile covers and editorials. She appeared in Playboy magazine in 2002, and she was also on the cover of Maxim. On top of all that, FHM magazine has ranked Jolene as the 10th sexiest woman on the planet in 2005.

However, it seems that acting was destined to become Jolene’s number one profession, and she predominantly worked as an actress through all of these years.

How did Jolene start her acting career?

In 1998, Jolene made her first guest appearance on TV– a brief role in “Veronica’s Closet” opened the doors of Hollywood for the young actress. Not long after that, Jolene played Medea in “Jason and the Argonauts”, this series being an important step in her acting career.

Her most important role came in 2001, when she landed the role of T’Pol, a Vulkan science officer on board the Enterprise, in the TV series “Star Trek: Enterprise”, produced by UPN.

Jolene’s role in “Star Trek: Enterprise”

Even though today’s generations are less familiar with the franchise, Star Trek was once a huge cultural phenomenon. Admittedly, millions of Trekkies are active even now, and according to her own words– Jolene was once a member of this group as well, and the role of Vulkan T’Pol was a dream come true for the actress, especially as she appeared in 97 episodes of the series, from 2001to 2005, having to endure two-hour makeup sessions each day of filming!

Jolene’s other acting roles

During her acting career so far, Jolene has appeared in numerous TV series and films, for example in series such as “On the Edge”, “Stargate SG-1”, “CSI”, “JAG”, and so on. Jolene has appeared in several movies too, including “Starship Troopers 3: Marauder”, “Queen for a Day”, “Shadow Puppets”, “Slow Burn”, and “Sex Tape” in 2014 in which she portrayed Catalina.

What is Jolene’s current net worth?

Since she frequently appears at Star Trek conventions, Jolene can afford to lead a comfortable lifestyle. According to authoritative sources, her current net worth is estimated at around $20 million. According to those same sources, the house in which the couple resides is alone valued at around $3 million! Aside from her acting, Jolene also has an income from the line of action figures made on the basis of her character in “Star Trek: Enterprise”.

What is Jolene doing nowadays?

Jolene spends her days in Los Angeles, but she is also frequently on the road. Her hobbies are Thai boxing and photography, and she also takes care of her two dogs and a cat. Occasionally, Jolene and Michael visit Canada, where she enjoys snowboarding.

When it comes to social networks, she is more active on Instagram than on Twitter. Her last post on her Twitter profile dates back to 2016, but when it comes to Instagram, she frequently posts photos from her traveling and various professional projects.

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